This App Provides a Seamless Way for Consumers to Purchase a Drink

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: & betalist
'Rooam' is a new app that makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to purchase a drink. In recent years, many companies have developed apps that allows consumers to pay for food, taxis and even hotels from their phones. However, there is no comparable service available for bars or nightclubs.

Rooam makes it easier for consumers to enjoy a night out by giving them a way to purchase a drink without ever pulling out their wallet. Rooam is linked to the user's credit card, meaning all payments are conducted through the app. The mobile platform also includes real-time updates about local events so that users can see what other places they may like to check out.

Rooam ultimately makes it easier for users to travel from one bar to the next without ever stopping for cash.