'Puppylocks' Lets You Style Your Pooch

Every dog owner loves pampering their pooch, and what could be a better way to do this than giving your dog some hair extensions from Puppylocks? A new line of hair accessories for dogs, Puppylocks allows your dog to be fashion-forward and add feathers to any 'do.

Puppylocks started up in 2011 by Condition Culture. The line allows you to style your pet according to what suits your style. Just like all feather extensions, they can be washed, dried and will last for months.

Alex Litowitz is the brain behind the puppylock craze. He has created a number of different styles of feathers to add to your dog’s coat, which include a variety of different sizes, colors and patterns.

If you’re feeling out there, grab a pair of pliers and attach one of these unconventional dog accessories to your canine. Just make sure he doesn’t chew it off afterwards.