The Pulpop MP3 Speaker is Made from Recycled Paper Pulp

 - May 23, 2012
References: mollaspace & ecofriend
The Pulpop MP3 Speaker is an eco-friendly speaker made entirely out of recycled paper pulp. The doughnut-shaped speaker was created by Balance Wu Design. The paper pulp is tougher than typical paper, having gone through a lengthy molding and shaping process.

The doughnut-shaped design of the Pulpop MP3 Speaker is intentional. Sound doesn't travel well through paper, but the circular design of the speaker allows tunes to come out sounding crisp, clear and loud. The speaker is recharged via USB and comes equipped with a 3.5mm input jack. The Pulpop MP3 Speaker is available now for $56. That may sound a little steep, but not when you realize that the Pulpop is probably the cheapest biodegradable speaker on the market.