Pui Sai Kwok Draws Her Speech Interpretations in These Creative Works

 - May 29, 2011
References: abetterhell.blogspot & sweet-station
Pui Sai Kwok is an illustrator who has managed to cleverly design the spoken word. This series of illustrations features people with wordless speech bubbles. Judging by the size and what exactly is going on around the illustration, however, it is easy to see what message Pui Sai Kwok is trying to convey.

With titles such as 'White Lie' and 'Gossip,' Kwok's illustrations are refreshing. The images are in a darker, more dreary color palette. On her blog, Kwok also adds backstories to these illustrations; for example, her 'White Lie' illustration comes with the following explanation: "I think white lie is good! White lie is amazing! But sometime it like you talk to yourself, no one care, what ever, I just want to talk!"