Suzie 2's '2 Peas & a Bean' Snacks are Protein-Rich Snack Puffs

 - Feb 16, 2018
References: amazon & prnewswire
At the Winter Fancy Food Show, Suzie's presented an updated take on the classic cheese puff snacks. These snacks boast a base of plant-based pea protein and are offered in unique, health-focused flavors like Turmeric & Salt, as well as "Nut Buttered" varieties like Peanut Butter and Almond Butter. These reinvented '2 Peas & a Bean' puffs are rich in protein and fiber, plus they give consumers a flavorful way to get the benefits of both legumes and vegetables in a satisfying snack format.

As well as being appealing to consumers for their light texture, the puffs have the potential to satisfy a health-conscious consumer's desire for bean-based snacks, plant-based protein and nut butter flavors.

Many consumers are now turning to entirely plant-based versions of their favorite snack foods, with products like the 2 Peas & a Bean puffs serving as better-for-you alternatives to cheese puffs.