The Publico Newspaper Angry Outdoors Ad Uses Angry Birds

In order to raise interest and sales for the print publication, the Público Newspaper Angry Outdoors marketing ploy used the chaotic fowls from the Angry Birds app to wreck buildings in Lisbon.

The company was low on funds and had no budget for advertising except for what may be used to promote itself in its own paper. Since there are many structures in Lisbon that are broken down or dilapidated, Público thought it would be comically creative if it were to place images of the Angry Birds taking down the structures. These photos were made into stickers and handed out in a booklet to people on the streets. Not only did it display a quirky side to the newspaper, but it also expanded the clientele and readership audience by catering to a younger crowd.

The company said that the Público Newspaper Angry Outdoors marketing campaign contains the same "destroy-it-all" attitude that the bashing fowls possess.