Vaslyaev Maxim's Pteleobius Lamp is Inspired by a Bark Beetle Family

 - Apr 10, 2011
References: vantaka & design-milk
I love the dual nature of the Pteleobius Lamp. As though pitting nature against man, it shows the two reigning powers of this planet in steel and wood. Interestingly enough, the main focus of and inspiration behind the Pteleobius Lamp isn't the contrast between steel and wood, but a family of bark beetles.

Created by Russian designer Vaslyaev Maxim, the Pteleobius Lamp was actually named after the specific beetle family. The wooden piece featured on the lamp boasts intricate engravings that mimic the patterns in which the Pteleobius beetles lay their larvae.

The chrome piece above simply highlights these stunning engravings. Overall, the Pteleobius Lamp revels in its natural influences.