Steven Stahlberg's Provocative Digital Art Pushes the Limits

In a spectacularly eerie way, the provocative digital art from Steven Stahlberg really pushes the boundaries. With an almost hazy atmospheric effect layered on top of grungy textures, the images of these scantily-clad women are cast in a way that instead focuses on their baleful actions.

Even in morbid scenes where blood glistens in a wine glass, freshly drained from a barely clothed female corpse, there is a serene feeling that Stahlberg's style evokes. There is something about macabre art that skirts the edges of what's appropriate and what's not. Artistic interpretation allows for these edgy pieces to focus more on the emotional connection rather than the subjects. For instance, the woman about to drain the glass of blood displays a peace about herself that creates a juxtaposed feeling, and that becomes the essence of the image. Steven Stahlberg is truly a master at transcending the baser levels of provocative digital art.