Ketologie's Chocolate Keto Protein Shake is Caffeine and Sugar-Free

 - Oct 12, 2017
References: amazon
Ketologie's Chocolate Keto Protein Shake is a nourishing protein mix that combines fresh cocoa and coconut ingredients. Featuring no caffeine or added sugar, this healthy morning shake is ideal for consumers looking for an energy boost, a morning meal replacement, or those looking to take a workout session further.

Thanks to its organic ingredients, Ketologie's chocolate protein mix aids with collagen production and is a guilt-free, yet tasty option for those looking to cut calories without giving up on their chocolate indulgence.

Each of the brand's nutritional shake mixes is packaged in a glass jar and consists of 18 servings of the product. Additionally, every serving is made up of 19 grams of protein, making it a great option for post-workout recovery sessions as well.