Wireless Armour's Protective Underwear Keeps Sensitive Areas Safe

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: wirelessarmour & caplex
With the countless hours people use their laptops or phones, the idea of radiation is often overlooked, but one physician wants to make sure your valuables are covered with a new protective underwear design.

'Wireless Armour' was developed by London-based physician Joseph Perkins, with the hope of negating the effects of almost constant exposure that most people encounter with everyday technology use. With the large amount of exposure of electromagnetic radiation that you overlook while carrying a cellphone in your pocket, there are harmful effects and that's why Perkins created an underwear to block those dangerous signals.

The protective underwear uses cotton with silver woven into the material which provides protection against 99.9 percent of all electromagnetic radiation. As an extra feature of the silver-infused underwear, there is greater protection against bacteria and foul smells.