This Prostitutes Photo Series is Poignant and Surprisingly Whimsical

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: txemasalvans & featureshoot
Spanish photographer Txema Salvans takes us on a trip along Spain’s desolate urban and rural roads to capture the lonely prostitutes lining the sides waiting for their next client in this poignant and beautifully crafted prostitutes photo series.

In ‘The Waiting Game’ series, Salvan is able to portray these women in a unique way that is powerful and intriguing—to be able to capture these intimate shots of the women, Salvans disguised himself as a surveyor. The stunning prostitute photo series took the photographer several years to make sure he was able to showcase them in the way he had in mind. What makes the series interesting is the fact that the women are in the middle of nowhere without a car around and how Salvans blends the surrounding scenery with the women.