Project Shellter Hopes to Save Hermit Crabs with the Help of MakerbBot

 - Nov 1, 2011
References: makerbot & fastcodesign
There are many people out there that are probably not aware of the danger hermit crabs are currently facing, but Project Shellter hopes to bring that to light while also helping its cause. One fact that people may have learned back in elementary school is that hermit crabs don't grow their own shells, they scavenge for them. But there has been a significant decrease in potential shells lately. Project Shellter hopes to alleviate this problem.

By enlisting the help of the MakerbBot community, Project Shellter is charging designers to create 3D printed shells for domestic use. With these shells, hopefully the harvesting of natural shells will be reduced so that wild hermit crabs will not have to resort to items like bottles and shotgun shells.