'Project Bob' Fights Homelessness with Cash for Drawings

Homelessness is not a condition that will be solved overnight, but one artist aims to help the situation one person at a time with 'Project Bob.' Started by graphic design student Amber Vittoria, the charity uses a simple barter system: donate $1, $5, $10 or $20, and receive an illustrated bill of the same amount in return.

As expressed by Vittoria in her YouTube video, all proceeds from Project Bob go directly to Bob, a homeless man living under a bridge in Connecticut just 15 minutes from the artist's home. The story of Bob told in her video is incredibly sad and shows how, in a struggling economy, his situation could easily be yours, or that of someone you love. Though hundreds, maybe thousands of people pass Bob every day, the likelihood that he will raise enough money to find a home is slim, but Project Bob gives potential donators the incentive of receiving a gift in return for their cash.

To receive a great piece from up-and-coming artist Amber Vittoria at a very low cost, with the money going directly to those who need it, check out her Project Bob website.