The Cor Programmable WiFi Thermostat is Simple to Use

 - Sep 29, 2017
References: carrier & thegadgetflow
One of the issues with thermostats that boast smart functionalities is that they can be somewhat complex to use, so the Cor Programmable WiFi Thermostat is engineered to ensure this is never an issue. Offering remote access via WiFi via an array of different apps, the thermostat is able to be completely programmed to let you program your schedule for the week in. This allows you to save ample energy and money by ensuring that your home isn't being heated or cooled when you aren't around.

With consumer lifestyles only getting busier, the need for streamlined solutions like the Cor Programmable WiFi Thermostat is becoming more apparent. The thermostat will also provide users with detailed energy use reports and even offer ways to further save energy and money.