The 'M3D' 3D Printer is Available for Less with Filament Purchase

It used to be that a 3D printer would sell itself but as market saturation of printers becomes apparent, brands are responding in kind with printer bundles like this one for the 'M3D' printer.

Those who purchase the 'M3D' 3D printer and four rolls of filament will receive 20% off the original retail cost to help increase the likelihood of purchase. The 'M3D' 3D printer is already affordable enough for those that are in the market for one of the peripherals, but this deal helps incite increased interest by creating a deal.

The 'M3D' 3D printer bundle comes packed with four filament rolls and the printer itself. The 'M3D' is one of the more simplistic printers to use, which makes the bundle ideal for first-time owners.