This Team is Revolutionizing 3D-Printed Buildings by Using Layers

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
3D-printed architecture is becoming more and more mainstream in the world of design, with 3D-printed concrete as one of the latest developments from its early beginnings in plastic. However, many architects that boast that their buildings are entirely 3D-printed are actually only fashioning the building blocks this way. This is where the student-formed architect group, Amalgamma, differs.

This group gets past the problem that 3D-printers can only print items, or buildings, smaller than themselves. In a novel method, the team prints out layers of concrete -- each layer slightly different than the last -- to produce unique works of art. The printed concrete layers allow the end products to be larger in scale. Beyond that, the designs are visually interesting, resembling parallel views of the Earth's layered crust. Through this method, the group has created a detailed column, table and vase.