Each Price Sticker Compilation by BL67 is Worth a Quantifiable Amount

 - Jun 2, 2013
References: artbl67.blogspot.fr & junk-culture
The French artist who goes by BL67 creates complex price sticker collages on canvas and then adds up the total "cost" of each design to determine its name.

Entitled ‘Prices,’ the series features only yellow and white price tags with small sums of money printed on them, artfully arranged into intricate patterns and designs. From afar, the viewer can appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of the repetitive and organic markings. Once the viewer gets up close to the designs, they can see each individual cost sticker and gain more insight into the consumerist quality that the artist puts on display.

BL67 takes the price sticker out of its usual store environment and projects it into the visually stimulating world of artistic collage.