The Prestige International ‘The Fallen Angels' Editorial is Dark

There is a subtle tragic feeling about the Prestige International ‘The Fallen Angels’ editorial. The title alludes to it while the images are steeped in it. These supine beauties appear to have fallen from grace from the heavens above. Although the cause can only be speculated, by the remnants of their stunning outfits, it can only be surmised that they are being punished for stylish greed and glamor.

The Prestige International The Fallen Angels editorial was lensed by French photographer Nicolas Guerin. The two models were styled by Marz Atashi, who went with rich, luxurious textures and a dark palette to further the theme of the photo shoot. The images themselves have a dark overcast as well. In addition to the elegant black ensembles, there is a lot of nudity, suggesting a sapphic relationship between the two "angels."