The Bulldog Extreme Carries High Pressurized Water For Immediate Use

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: 4x4firetruck & hiconsumption
Firetrucks are essential when emergency situations arise and the Bulldog Extreme 4x4 is an exclusively built vehicle designed to provide immediate and targeted pressurized water in a foam consistency. The innovative change in texture ensures that the water can be more widely dispersed to combat flames.

The Bulldog Extreme 4x4 is a large-scale, modern firetruck designed to hold up to 2,000-gallons worth of water for one single trip. The water is held in a pressurized tank so that it is released as a foam, rather than a liquid. The light foam is much better at putting out flames and can still be dispensed using hoses. The truck is able to carry such a large and heavy quantity of water thanks to the military grade tries and heavy duty metal frame.