'Press, Change Length' Makes Public Transportation Easier and Safer

 - May 28, 2011
References: red-dot.sg & yankodesign
Since people are constantly being encouraged to take more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious transportation, it is important that these particular forms of transportation also reflect this new influx of riders; enter the Press, Change Length bus handles. These overhead rings ensure an easier and safer ride for standing passengers.

Designed by Jia Shenghui, Zhou Hailun, Liu Zhen and Chen Jian, the Press, Change Length bus handles are a reddot design concept winning entry, and for good reason. Each ring adjusts to each user's height, ensuring that he experiences a secure and balanced ride to his destination. The increased use of public transportation will naturally lead to more people standing, and not everyone was born a tightrope walker.

The Press, Change Length bus handles also encourages more ergonomic postures throughout the ride.