The Oliver Ratsi Presidential Art Compounds Famous Faces

 - Dec 3, 2012
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Artist Oliver Ratsi's presidential art is a series of reworked collages centered around famous leaders.

Ratsi's black and white collages titled 'Once Upon a Time The Presidents' are distorted and comical. He takes a mixture of presidential body parts and combines them together to create a pixelated version of a new president. Famous men included in the series include George W. Bush, Ronald Regan and Dwight Eisenhower. Ratsi used Photoshop to compound the faces together until the famous mugs became indistinguishable. The collages make for a great guessing game and it is a challenge to identify how many presidents are present in each art work.

The Oliver Ratsi presidential art collages are an inventive way to incorporate a nation's history of leaders and re-arrange them to create fun art.