Preserved Knowledge Uses Old Techniques for Modern Society

 - Oct 29, 2012
References: cleomaxime & psfk
The Preserved Knowledge series is comprised of kitchenware that was inspired by the past. Before the invention of the refrigerator, people preserved their food in different ways. Artist Cleo Maxime de Brabander, who was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Curacao, asked the older population how they kept their food fresh before the fridge and applied some of these age-old techniques in her designs.

Comprised of three pieces, the Preserved Knowledge series includes the apple-trivet, which is made out of rubber and has enough space to prevent the fruits from rotting quicker. There is also a rubber cheese box that has a spot for sugar, which is known to regulate humidity.

Cleo writes about Preserved Knowledge, "I am inspired by how we value our food and how this has changed over time."