Preg Aid is a Reusable Pregnancy Test and Women's Health Monitor

 - Nov 13, 2013
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Pregnancy tests are expensive and not the most fun purchases to make. Many women might actually prefer to have their own device at hand as a way to minimize some of the stresses surrounding conception. The Preg Aid is the innovative idea of Tien Wei Lien that won him a 2013 Red Dot Design Award. It's a handy gadget to have, even for females outside of the fertile age bracket.

The first things to note about this product are its reusable nature and its wonderfully ergonomic form. It's comfortable to use and comes with disposable HCG test papers that can be discarded following personal examinations; the process is clean and easy. Furthermore, the Preg Aid comes capable of determining gestational diabetes, monitoring leucocytes levels and diagnosing urinary tract infections.