Holey Hoisery Proves Liquid Leggings Just Don't Cut It

 - May 30, 2009
References: ltxsportswear
Let me introduce the leggings redux: leggings that are preslashed or preholed for your convenience.

Think about it, leggings are not always the best choice for the summer, let alone those silly ones that are made of vinyl, but for you, my friend, it seems the fashion gods have done it again.

Who is wearing said preslashed leggings, you ask? You need look no further than the fair Lady Gaga (if they are good enough for a woman who abhors pants, then they are good enough for you). They have also been spotted on the legs of the party queen herself, Lindsay Lohan (no word on whether Dina or Ali Lohan have joined the slashed/holed train).

I am betting every hipster dame from here to Encino is going to be slipping into a pair of these by summer’s end.

*A word of warning: If you are like me, perhaps a little blessed in the thigh area, this might be a trend to avoid. The thigh area is the last place you want extra bits escaping from their slashed polyester-mix casing. Just sayin’