The PowerLine WiFi is Netgear's CES 2016 Underground Internet Provider

 - Jan 5, 2016
References: netgear & engadget
During this year's annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2016), the Netgear company is unveiling its 'PowerLine WiFi' device. This unique wireless Internet service provider is simply powered through one's household wall outlet.

Netgear has produced similar devices in the past that use household outlets to provide music, however the brand only recently created this device, which provides WiFi using a wall plug-in. The device is essentially an extension of the existing electrically wired Internet. It works by connecting to an adapter on the existing modem and then plugging into the wall extension.

The ultimate goal for the PowerLine WiFi is to provide consumers with convenient access to the Internet even if they are in the basement or in areas with poor connections. This device will "extend your WiFi network at 1000 gigabits per second."