The NYC Department of Health's Gross Pouring on the Pounds Ads

 - Oct 2, 2009
References: nydailynews & eatmedaily
The NYC Department of Health’s campaign to get people to cut back on sugary drink by asking, "Are you Pouring on the Pounds?" in some gruesome subway ads may forever ruin your favorite cola. The pouring on the pounds ads show recognizable bottles of pop, juice and energy drinks being poured over glasses of ice, only instead of a sweet, sugary liquid the bottles dispense lumpy, veiny human fat.

Associate Commisioner Geoff Cowley explained the reasoning behind the pouring on the pounds shockvertising: "Just trying to be positive and encouraging doesn’t always get people’s attention, If you get in people’s faces a bit, that does get people’s attention." We’ll never look at Gatorade, Snapple or Coke in the same way.