This Pot Pie Recipe is Filled With Strawberries and Cranberries Instead of Chicken

When you think of your favorite pot pie recipe, you probably think of savory pub fare that might contain chicken in a cream sauce or chunky beef. Gabriel from the food blog The Artful Desperado created a more dessert-like variety that contains strawberries and cranberries -- making it perfect for Thanksgiving. The Quickie Strawberry Cranberry Pot Pies is also great for Christmas and other seasonal festivities.

If you want to give this pot pie recipe a try at home, you will need plain cream cheese for the crust as well as hulled strawberries, cranberries, granulated sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract, ground cardamom (cinnamon will do too), egg and either sanding or regular sugar. Served in adorable ramekins, the individual pies will make guests feel extra special.