The Posco Smart Chair Allows Users to Navigate in the Dark

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: damngeeky
The Posco Smart Chair is one of the most vehicle-oriented wheelchairs on the market.

Produced by Korean company Posco, the motorized wheelchair aims to make traveling for the mobility-impaired significantly easier by incorporating new functions to improve stability and balance for the users. Using a magnesium frame, which reduces the weight of the chair by half, the Posco Smart Chair is capable of entering tight spaces with the base’s wheels extending outwards as speed increases to maintain overall balance for the user. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, this one comes with hidden storage compartments as well as the ability to separate the upper seating part and the lower mobile part for easy transport. It even has headlights to help users navigate in the dark. The thoughtfulness in the updated motorized wheelchair makes it worthy of the winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design Award in the Concept Design category.

Image Credits: Posco