Obama Chooses Between Portuguese Water Hound and Labradoodle

 - Jan 12, 2009
References: puppydogweb & network.nationalpost
The Portuguese Water Hound (AKA Portuguese Water Dog) might just be the next 'it' dog if President-elect Barack Obama goes opts for this breed of pooch for the next four-legged White House mascot.

Obama promised his daughter, Sasha, 7 and Malia, 10, that they would get a new canine for the White House, and after weeks of speculation, the future first family seems to have narrowed it down to a Portuguese Water Hound or a Labradoodle. Both don't shed, and in my opinion, are much better looking than the Peruvian Hairless Dog we feared Obama might be getting at the end of last year. (Check it out below.)

Obama said he wants his dog to come from a pound and since Malia is allergic, the family is adamant about bringing a "hypoallergenic" dog into the White House, which both Portuguese Water Hounds and Labradoodles are.