The 'Exo' Emergency Shelter is the Most Advanced in the Field

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: reactionhousing & wired
In the wake of the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, advances in emergency pop-up shelters have been taking place. The devastation of Katrina inspired former graphic designer Michael McDaniel to create a new type of emergency shelter from an unlikely source -- a paper cup.

After seeing the teepee-shaped cup in his hand, McDaniel conceived of a technologically advanced pop-up emergency shelter that could be extremely helpful in natural disasters. The Exo pods are 10 feet tall, and have a double bed and bunk bed, which can house up to four people. The Exo's honeycomb composition is made from a sustainable material that lasts for ten years and is easily recyclable. Each pod has NFC locks, ventilation and climate control.

McDaniel's unusual paper cup inspiration is evident in the transportation of these pods -- they are stacked on top of each other.