These Candied Peanut Butter Treats are Infused with Popped Quinoa

 - Dec 6, 2015
References: naturallyella & naturallyella
Buckeye candies are a traditional sweet made from peanut butter, chocolate and fudge that lifestyle blogger Naturally Ella converts into a much healthier superfood ball dessert with the addition of popped quinoa. The superfood adds protein and healthy nutrients to the dish along with several other substitutes that creatively lower the sugar intake with natural products.

Unlike the conventional Buckeye candy recipe, this version opts for a much more natural ingredient list using items such as dates, coconut oil and peanut butter to replicate the sweet, caramel and nutty flavor of the dessert. The ingredients are mixed in a food processor along with vanilla, chocolate, water and popped quinoa. The dough is then rolled into power balls and can be eaten fresh without having to bake the dough to achieve a desired consistency.