These Funny Faceswapping Images Will Keep You Entertained for Hours

 - May 4, 2014
References: & mymodernmet
If you’ve ever tried to imagine what your favorite celebrity or character from a movie or TV show would look like if you changed their face, you’re in luck because there’s no need to strain your brain thinking about it anymore as there’s a whole website full of pop culture face swaps created with you in mind.

Considered an art, Faceswap digitally swaps the faces of any subjects in an image, most commonly celebrities and characters from pop culture. The super funny pop-culture face swaps will leave you in stitches and will entertain a large chunk in your day—if you have a half hour to kill at the office this is the perfect remedy for that.

Faceswapping all sorts of faces from Twilight to Aladdin to Game of Thrones to Toy Story, everything you can imagine has been done.