Laugh Out Lout When You Play with These Poker Face Cards

 - Jan 20, 2014
References: ckie
Called Poker Face Cards, this set of see-through playing cards will get everyone laughing the next time you all gather to play gin rummy.

Made from PVC, the Poker Face Cards are designed so that all the face cards (Jack, Queens, Kings and Jokers) all literally have the faces of the card they're meant to represent drawn on them, allowing you to superimpose the faces onto those of your friends. This see through deck of cards is not only a great source of hilarity but also a way to kill time if you're playing with someone who's taking a lot of time to play a card.

In case you're concerned that your opponents will be able to see what card you're holding from the back, don't worry -- the back of the cards show a typical design that you would see on any other deck of cards.