Sindre Johnsen's Pokemon Images Place the Toons in Real Life

 - Aug 31, 2013
References: & designtaxi
These Pokemon images aren't the classic ones fans are used to, instead the pixelated creations have been placed into natural everyday scenarios. Norwegian-based graphic designer Sindre Johnsen has done a wonderful job at creating a surreal cross between the world of Pokemon and our own reality.

Seeing 'Snorlax' chilling out on the beach with his other Pokemon friends has an amusing effect that is truly thought-provoking. Johnsen has shown an ingeniously imaginative mind through both the execution and conceptualization of such a concept. The blending that had to be done to insert pixelated characters into crisp high-quality natural backgrounds is nothing short of superb.

Johnsen's work is an absolute pleasure to view and will truly inspire more artists to combine different elements -- and hopefully create more amazing Pokemon images.