These Boozy Beverages are Aesthetically Themed After Pokemon Characters

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: popsugar
Pokemon Go has created a surged revival in the nostalgic anime monster game for now adult demographics, and these Pokemon character cocktails provide older players with an age-appropriate way to interact with universe. The boozy beverages recreate several of the different monsters using ingredients that replicate the character's power abilities or overall design.

When the Pokemon universe was first introduced many consumers were children and now with the revival in the game, those players have grown into adults. These Pokemon Go cocktails target those older demographics with drinks they can enjoy while playing the game. These include the refreshing Boozy Bellsprout made with lemon, agave and crushed pineapple and the Charmander's Ember featuring spicy and sweet notes thanks to blood orange juice and habanero simple syrup.