This Popples Talk Plush Doll is a Modern Take on the Furbie

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: walmart
This Popples Talk plush doll is a modern take on the Furbie, an iconic 90s product that most Millennials grew up playing with. This retro-themed plush toy is a nod to nostalgia and actually talks to kids with the help of a battery-operated speaking box.

Once squeezed, this Popples Talk Lulu plush doll speaks up to 11 different phrases. Based on Netflix kids series 'Welcome to Popplopolis,' this contemporary toy is a fun item that is a fresh take on retro best-sellers like the Furbie. This doll is also character-specific, making it the perfect collector's item for fans of its corresponding cartoon series.

In addition to borrowing from popular culture, this toy is a fun and interactive product that encourages learning while reducing screen time habits.