Frantelli Boffi of Italy Furniture Bulges with Originality

 - Mar 15, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Frantelli Boffi likes bulges, as witnessed by this selection of furniture that places expansive sections in exquisite pieces.

Boffi was founded in 1930 and recalls the vintage era as well as experimenting with modern minimalist designs.

Boffi will design on contract for your villa or your yacht. No surprise that many items from their craftsman have been prominently displayed at furniture expositions worldwide.

Implications - As North American society is bombarded by similar products from multiple corporations, consumers are looking for items that differ from the norm. This is because mass-produced items relegate consumers to a number while owning abstract and exclusive items validates them as individuals. Corporations looking to improve their sales can focus on differentiating product designs from existing offerings.