Project Plumen Rethinks the Fluorescent

 - Dec 2, 2007   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: plumen & inventorspot
The screwable fluorescent bulb is currently available in only three standard shapes, the Radiator, the Ice Cream Whip and the Tungsten-esc types, mostly due to lack of imagination. The designers at Plumen have bent some glass and brought some welcome imagination and fluidity to the gas bulb.

Implications - People are looking to find simple and easy ways to go about decorating their homes. By providing products that reduce the number of decorations, companies are essentially allowing interiors to become less cluttered by excessive decor. Take for example, the bent light bulbs from Plumen. The unique shapes and designs allow for the bulbs to be hung as pendant lights without the additional use of covers or lampshades.