The Playstation 'We are All Players' Commercial Gives Frozen Facts

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
If you don't fancy yourself to be an expert in the electronic gaming world or you've never even dabbled in digital competition, the Playstation 'We are All Players' will make you realize you harbor the innate competitive streak necessary to possibly become a PSP prodigy.

The commercial begins with archaeologists in a frozen cave stumbling upon a know-it-all Neanderthal that immediately expresses the proof he has that all humans have player potential, using examples of modern man. Comparing the one baby that makes other babies cry louder, politicians rivaling with their platforms and employees being in constant competition makes for a pretty good informative argument without even needing to show the Playstation product.

The Playstation 'We are All Players' commercial does a funny job at convincing gamers and non-gamers alike the combative drive for defeat is instilled in your DNA.