The Playmobil iStore is a Funny Mock-Up of an Apple Retail Outlet

 - Apr 3, 2011
References: thinkgeek &
Playmobil has created a mock play set that is completely based on an Apple Store called the Playmobil iStore.

This two-story mini-store is quite geeky and super-accurate. The little play set features the ever-so-popular Genius Bar, the Kids Corner and even a sales floor. On the second level, there is a keynote theater featuring the mighty Apple man himself, Steve Jobs.

The mock Playmobil iStore even comes with blue-shirt-wearing employees and miniature versions of your favorite Apple products on tiny display tables. The optional Line-Up pack would be a perfect add-on pack to make this Playmobil iStore even more complete. Although it was just an April Fool's Day joke, this Playmobil iStore would have any Apple geek lining up to buy it.