The Whimsical 'Jocale' Collection by Musuc

 - Jan 4, 2009
References: musuchouse & dezona
This playful jewelry collection called 'Jocale' by Rodrigo Schramm Musuc includes 8 clever designs. My favorite is the ‘Hinge’ ring; the piece is bi-colored and actually reversible. All you have to do is flip it over and you have a new look.

Then there’s the ‘Ctrl Z’ ring and necklace which is inspired by the computer undo keystroke. It’s kind of an apology ring. The designer suggests we can "undo and go back in our acts and say sorry or to forgive and say 'your past doesn’t matter,' 'let’s start again' or simply 'from now on, I’m another person.'" If only it was that easy!

Musuc has also created sterling silver Band-Aid rings and one with a turning key on top to keep restless hands busy.

According to Musuc the collection symbolizes "the capacity that we all have for exploring, to experience, to communicate without words, to seduce, to exhibit, and finally to play."