Luis Porem's Platonic Rugs Bridge the 3-D and 2-D Worlds

 - Aug 20, 2011
References: luisporem & mocoloco
The math muse has risen yet again with the Platonic Rugs. This collection of carpets inspired by geometric shapes is more like a stunning work of art made for the floor rather than a wall. As much as mainstream culture has been inundated with geometric shapes across many different industries in recent months, it's a wonder that the public isn't yet sick of designs like these Platonic Rugs.

Created by Portuguese designer Luis Porem, the Platonic Rugs are full of depth and color. Porem writes, "This planned representation of the 5 platonic solids acts as a bridge between the three-dimensional and two-dimensional world." Therefore, the Platonic Rugs sport a dynamic design that is both contemporary and unconventional. It offers a unique focal point for spaces.