Plastik Architects Design in Kent

 - Feb 20, 2008
Why should you hire an architect to design public toilets? The answer can be found in the work of trendy, young designers Plastik Architects in London have completed their first public commission: a building for toilets next to a car park in Gravesend Kent.

The up-and-coming designers, who were recently shortlisted for the Young Architects of the Year Award, must have been initially wary of taking on such a depressing sounding commission. However, bursting with enthusiasm after their successful interior of posh London restaurant Sketch and a string of luxury private houses, they brought their talents to the Gravesend site and truly exceeded expectations. They turned a commission for a service building into a bona fide architectural pavilion.

Directors John Davies and Richard Owers designed this triangular 'mini landmark' building as a stunning and sculptural building with an elegant concrete roof.