These Plant Pots Creatively Turn the Greenery into Parts of Critters

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: etsy & mentalfloss
Etsy shop front JellyFishKisses has put together a series of intricate plant pots that creatively make use of the the leaves and the flowers in a whimsical way by transforming them into the body parts of various animals. The planters add an unconventional decorative element to the home by utilizing the shape of the plants to create recognizable forms in popular critters such as fish and unicorns.

Many of JellyFishKisses' planter designs are shaped like sea creatures since the long leaves of plants are ideal for duplicating the shape of tentacles and fins of fish and aquatic life. The planters are colorful and glittery capturing the aesthetic if squid, fish, sharks and even algae with realistic details. The planters are ideal for those that aren't garden-savvy as they require minimal attention and watering.