The Plan Vase Provides a Shallow Pool of Water With Next to No Depth

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: sebastiencordoleani
The Plan Vase might not offer several inches' depth of liquid with which to feed its organic occupant, but what it does provide is perfectly sufficient for the types of greenery that are intended to be displayed within it. Sébastien
Cordoleani has adapted the conventional stem holder that tends to fill up with fluid vertically; he was in favor of establishing a horizontal emphasis similar to what you actually see in nature.

The Plan Vase is made from either Italian slate or Carrara marble and cut into an irregular shape of 24 centimeters in length. It comes to resemble water pooling on the pavement. There are three tiny holes in the base of the Plan Vase that invite the insertion of a single leaf, a stem or the head of a flower.