Pigzbe Uses the Blockchain to Help Kids Earn and Save 'Wollo'

 - Apr 24, 2018
References: pigzbe & qz
'Pigzbe' prides itself on being "a piggy-wallet not a piggy bank" for kids that's powered by the family-friendly cryptocurrency Wollo.

The Pigzbe system is part digital and part physical, with a tangible pink controller that interacts with the app and games that are centered around spending and saving Wollo.

As well as being valuable for teaching kids the basic principles of money management, Pigzbe also sees itself as a way to shape "families as micro-financing networks." With Wollo, kids can earn an allowance, receive one-off money gifts and earn rewards for completing chores. As Wollo is a real cryptocurrency, it can be safely and securely spent by kids and families in online, offline and retail applications where possible with a tangible Wollo card that converts the tokens to fiat currencies.