The Piedras Tables Stay Balanced Because of Stones Upon Their Bases

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: lilianaovalle
Liliana Ovalle is fascinated with the properties of nature's objects and these Piedras Tables demonstrate her particular interest in the qualities of rocks. The designer has created a few unusual pieces that employ the usefulness of stones' shapes and weights with the Piedra Roja and the Piedra Azul exploring the strength of stability.

The Roja has a round tabletop of elm wood and the Azul has a rectangular one. Both side tables are supported by metal stands that splay into two feet, with the frame of the former finished in red paint and the latter coated in blue. If you look at the individual Piedras Tables, you may note that they look precarious. It's the integration of carved soapstones that guarantees their steadiness.