Picnic Pants by Acquacalda Design Make Eating an Easier Task

Picnic Pants by Acquacalda Design are where fashion meets functionality. People usually stand up eating their hor d'oueurves and holding drinks while scheming for a seat; however, these Picnic Pants ma it possible to eat comfortably in your own lap.

These funky sultan-like jeans are a comfortable wear that look like MC Hammer pants. but needless to say, they're a handy tool to have during events where seating is limited. To make a platform tray to hold your food, simply sit down in a cross-legged position and the gray flap will stretch into a sturdy table. There are even pockets that will serve as drink holders.

Albeit the bizarre look, sport a pair of these Picnic Pants by Acquacalda Design if you're looking to have fashion and function all-in-one.