The Pic Vert Et Cie 2013 Collection is Minimalist and Childlike

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: picvertetcie & trendland
At first glance, the Pic Vert Et Cie 2013 collection may look as though it were made up of furniture pieces for children. Although they can certainly accommodate little tykes, the designs don't discriminate against any age. It is simply their playful aesthetic coupled with wooden material and brightly colored accents that make it appear that they are solely made for kids.

Designed by Pierre Casenove, the Pic Vert Et Cie 2013 collection are 100% made in France. Specifically, it is manufactured in the heart of the Jura Mountains by craftsmen and turners. Each piece is made out of locally sourced wood such as ash, oak, beech, fir and spruce. From rounded cabinets to bicycle-inspired trays and decorative spoons, the pieces follow an overall minimalist motto.