Pianos for the Millenium

 - Feb 24, 2008
References: cooladdict
I have been playing the piano for quite some time now. One of the main reasons I began to play was because I saw the piano as a beautiful instrument. Not just from its outer appearance, but because the piano was a complex set of different variations combining together to form this contraption that could construct beautiful tones. Grand pianos and Uprights are still styled following mostly their original construction concept, but this is where Seiler has decided to up the game into a new modern way to construct a masterpiece. They are "Made for the Millennium" as Seiler puts it.

The designs might look like they came from the set of a futuristic movie and may seem like they won't have the quality you can find in top of the line piano manufactures, but Seiler is known for their unique craftsmanship and using the newest technology to ensure tonal perfection. Who says you can't play masters such as Mozart or Rachmoninov in a piano meant for the future?